Production and Production Services Thailand: Production Inc expands through their new office in Bangkok

If you’ve never filmed in Thailand before, you’ve never really experienced a truly exotic shooting destination.  It is widely known to be the best value in all of Asia, offering sandy white beaches, rain forests, jungles, mountains and elephants.  These have all made Thailand an attractive location for many Hollywood films and other foreign productions.

With world-class crew and equipment, a supportive film office, plenty of talent and world renowned  stunt teams;  Thailand offers it all and much, much more.


The north of Thailand is mountainous and densely wooded, while the central plains feature one of the world’s most fertile rice-growing areas. The southern peninsula, featuring the legendary Koh Samui area, has a spine of mountains interspersed with lush plains, jungles and temple ruins.

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In 2012 there were 636 productions filmed in Thailand, 314 of which were television commercials.  Feature films made in Thailand include “Around the world in Eighty days,” “The Deer Hunter,” “The Killing Fields,” “The Beach,” “The Hangover Part 2,” “Bangkok Dangerous” and “Good Morning Vietnam.”

Thailand 10Thailand, which literally means Land of the Free, is commonly referred to as
the Land of Smiles.

The country, which is in the very heart of Southeast Asia, is seen as the gateway to Indochina, Myanmar and Southern China. It’s also a leading partner in the region’s trade and politics, often providing a vital link between neighboring Southeast Asia nations.

While scouting the region for a strategic partner, Daniel Frisch, Founder and Managing Director of Production Inc.,  met Amour Setter, an exceptionally skilled and experienced  film and television producer.  After working together for several months Frisch knew that Setter  would be a great addition to the company and they agreed she would come on board as a worldwide Executive Producer.

Production Inc now has an office in Bangkok, which is the hub of the film industry in Southeast Asia.  With high-tech post production facilities and a highly favorable exchange rate, Thailand rounds itself out to be one of the most attractive shooting destinations in the world.   And if Thailand doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, Production Inc can offer a full range of production support in neighboring regions with reliable and professional production teams standing by to cater to your every need.


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