Production Inc Hamburg Provides Expert Production and Production Services Throughout Germany

HAMBURG_FProduction Inc, a global production and production service company was established in Prague, Czech Republic in 2003. Since then, they have expanded around the world, but sometimes the last place you look for a golden opportunity is in your own back yard. Production Inc had visited neighboring Germany on occasion. It had the pleasure of working with German productions in Prague on occasion. But, it wasn’t until recently they discovered Germany as a global, innovative, thriving, and leading production center; and they realized this was the place to be. Furthermore, Production Inc realized the reason there are so few German productions happening in Prague, despite Prague being a lower cost option, is the same reason there are so few German productions happening throughout Europe—because German productions have everything they need right here in Germany; and arguably, no one else is going to do it any better. Production Inc realized by expanding into Germany the opportunity was two-fold. On the one hand there are numerous productions coming to Germany from all over the world, and on the other hand there is so much production business within Germany—hence the expression, “when in Germany do as the Germans do—work with your own (because no one else is going to do it better).”

Production Inc’s Executive Producer, Amour Setter, is no stranger to meeting and greeting new opportunities around the world. But, her latest trip to Germany was less about selling Prague (or any other Production Inc location around the world) but, more to do with meeting advertising agencies and companies with which to do business in Germany. Amour’s initial reaction to Germany’s advertising industry was simply, “wow.” Everyone around the world knows Germany’s reputation for being perfectionists, and German engineering is second to none, but what is lesser known and every bit as impressive is their creative imprint on the world. Behind the countless, leading, global German brands, are the highest creative standards which ensure their products will not be sold short or out sold by the competition.

HAMBURG_12What makes Germany even more attractive is its economic strength and status throughout the world. Germany has a social market economy with a highly skilled labor force, large capital stock, low levels of corruption, and German innovation is at an all-time high.  It has the largest and most powerful national economy in Europe and is a leading net contributor to the EU budget. A global opinion poll for the BBC in 2013 revealed Germany is recognized for not only having the most positive influences on the world, but is viewed most positively throughout the world. Germany is a leader, a trend setter and has every intention of remaining so for the foreseeable future.

Germany has a seemingly endless array of filmmaking benefits including the world’s best and most technologically advanced media infrastructure and production facilities (Babelsberg being their flagship). In addition to which, their location options will pleasantly surprise you. Germany has nearly every landscape you can ever want or need: islands and seas (yes, islands and seas!), mountain ranges, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests of every kind, extraordinary medieval ruins and castles as well as the other extreme—industrial centers and contemporary architecture. Some well-known movies have been filmed in Germany, including “Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters,” “Hanna,” “The International,” “Speed Racer,” “Inglorious Bastards,” “The Book Thief” Von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac,” and George Clooney’s “The Monuments Men,” among countless others.


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Amour traveled to Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, and Dusseldorf; and had the pleasure of meeting with many of the leading advertising agencies, production companies, and post production facilities—and in two words she was “extremely impressed.” While Amour fell in love with the whole of Germany, Christmas markets in Hamburg, Germanyher heart and that of Production Inc ultimately chose Hamburg to base itself. For Amour, Hamburg is one of her favorite cities in the whole of Europe, she felt blessed to have been able to experience their Christmas markets, known to be some of the most festive throughout Germany (and aided by a glass or two of Gluhwein). Additionally, Amour and Production Inc are very much looking forward to doing business in Germany with their fellow German companies, as well as doing business in Germany with companies from around the world. Production Inc is also excited about what it can offer outside of Germany through its warmer climate offices in Cape Town, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Barcelona and Mexico (good for those swimsuit catalogue shoots and other clement weather productions during the European winter months). Production Inc also has offices in Amsterdam, and Mumbai.

Hamburg04For those who have never experienced filming in Germany, it needs to be high on your production bucket list as the results will leave you coming back for more.  The culture is filled with good service, polite manners, and warm hospitality.  And, the beer…

Well, you know what German beer leads to?  More beer; and one helluva great time!

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