Why Film in Prague? The Benefits of Production and Production Services in the Czech Republic

153780949There is a reason—in fact there are many reasons why so many companies choose to produce their commercials in Prague.  In the 27 years I have been in the production business, I have never been anywhere else in the world that has all of what Prague has to offer.  Furthermore, we commit ourselves every day to becoming the reason you decide to come here and once you do, to be the foremost reason you keep coming back.

Foremost, it’s all here waiting for you.  There is nothing to want or wish for that isn’t already here and possible. 

It usually starts with a tight budget and schedule.  And while no one can promise more than 24 hours in a day, we promise to get you the most out of them.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvery specialty item is here and maintains the highest standard—cutting edge visual effects, world renowned stunts, experienced animal wranglers, car systems and technicians, cranes of every type, award-winning set builders, first class facilities of every kind, water tanks and underwater crew and a multitude of helicopter/aerial options.

Furthermore it’s easy to enter the country and bring in whatever necessary—our customs brokers can handle every need.

Best of all, when the job is done (and we’re going to do it well together), there is no better place you would rather be, than Prague.  The nightlife, restaurants, culture is second to none.  You simply cannot get enough of it, and it will always leave you wanting more.

It will be a great privilege to work with you in such a magical place and we’ll do everything we can for you to make that happen.

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