Production Services

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe provide a full range of production and postproduction services in Prague, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Mumbai, and Bangkok.  These four locations have some of the most impressive filmmaking resumes in the world and among them we can offer most of everything a production needs.  Whoever said “Rome wasn’t built in a day” hasn’t worked with us.

Our services extend to all media—Commercials, Films, Scripted and Reality Television, Corporate Video Content, Photo Shoots, and Music Videos.  We are a scout-to-finish, one stop shop and pride ourselves in making you feel at home.  The crew, equipment, facilities and local support are exceptional in all of these locations and below we have listed just 10 of the many benefits—we are standing by to discuss these with you and more!




Production in Prague

1. Tax free on labor and most goods and services.

2. State of the art stages and facilities.

3. Buyouts on all local talent. Deep roster of ex-pat actors as well as many other ethnicities.

4. World renown and award winning set builders.

5. All leading equipment suppliers available and serviced locally.

6. Exceptional crew, deep at every position.

7. All major airlines travel to Prague.

8. Ease of entry, crew visas.

9. From forests to country sides, Gothic to modern architecture,nearly every location you’ll ever need can be found in or near to the city center.

10. Full range of visual effects and post production options available locally.


Los AngelesLA foto 1


1. World renowned crews and facilities.

2. Over 330 days of dependable weather.

3. Exceptional talent base.

4. Multitude of location possibilities: cityscapes, snow-capped mountains, beaches.

5. Nonstop flights from most major cities.

6. Strong government production support.

7. Competitive post-production options.

8. Ease of getting goods in and out of the city and country.

9. Cost saving options for smaller productions.

10. Exceptional visual effects, makeup effects and animation.

Bonus: Disneyland.



Production in Mumbai

1. Awe-inspiring countryside locations:  Snow-capped, Himalayan mountains and glaciers; lush tropical forests, lakes, rivers, meadows, gardens, orchards and farmlands of every kind; expansive beaches, dunes and deserts; historical palaces, castles and the “TAJ MAHAL”.

2. Production friendly, uniquely designed and cosmopolitan cities: Jaipur, Udaipur, Kashmir, Leh, Kolkata, Ooty, Mumbai, and Goa to name a few.

3.  Incredible value:  Filming and production in India has a huge cost advantage over many other cities/countries in the world.

4. Flexible labor laws:  No limits on consecutive hours and days worked.

5. Modern local industry:  India has a highly skilled, experienced and deep roster of crew– Bollywood has been around since the invention of the camera.  Apart from Danny Boyle’s DP, “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed with an entirely local crew.

6. Equipment:  Every type of camera, grip, electric, special effects, visual effects, and transportation equipment is available and serviced locally– all are very competitively priced.

7. Effects and Animation:  India is widely recognized for its award winning visual effects and animation.

8. Post Production:  Get much more for your money when it comes to all of your post production needs, all are supported by state of the art facilities.

9. Easy Access:  Airline access to and from all major cities and a streamline process for visa entry.

10. Food, glorious food:  The best Indian food in the world!



Production in Bangkok

1. Exquisite and breath-taking locations: pristine tropical beaches, lush rain forests, waterfalls, rice paddies, temples and ruins, dense jungles and mountainous regions.

2. Production-friendly with a very supportive film office and a cosmopolitan city. Cheap and reliable public transport systems, affordable hotels and very production friendly locals, with support teams always willing to go that extra mile.

3. Flexible labor laws: No limits on consecutive hours and days worked.

4. Established local industry with highly efficient and professional crews. Films shot here include “Good Morning Vietnam,” “Around the World in Eighty Days,” “The Beach,” “Bangkok Dangerous,” “The Hangover Part 2,” “The Impossible” and most recently “Only God Forgives”.

5. Excellent value for money and competitive prices on locations, gear and local talent—the pearl of South East Asia (the entire region LOVES to film in Thailand).

6. Equipment: state-of-the-art equipment rental companies with highly experienced support crew who work fast and efficiently, also offering extensive transportation and luxury star wagons.

7. Effects and Animation: Bangkok is the hub of visual effects in Southeast Asia and surrounding neighbors flock here to handle all their visual effects.

8. Post Production: state-of-the-art post production facilities led by highly experienced international post production teams who offer very competitive rates.

9. Visitor friendly Immigration Department: free 30 day visitor visa upon entry and temporary work permits processed efficiently and hassle-free by our support teams

10. Easy access to all areas of Thailand through local airline carriers, busses and trains.

11. Diverse background talent (extras) of all nationalities, including strong international stunt teams and a good choice of Muy Thai fighters across all nationalities.


Cape Town

Production in Cape Town

1.   State of the art stages and facilities.

2.   Nonstop flights from most major cities.

3.   14 hours of daily sunshine during the summer months.

4.   Moderate summer temperatures ranging from 22 – 28 degrees C.

5.   Buyouts on all local talent, which include top-class international models.

6.   Excellent value for money and competitive prices on locations, gear and talent.

7.   Reliable local actors and background extras of every race.

8.   All leading equipment suppliers available and serviced locally.

9.   Ease of entry, easy to obtain working visas for foreign crew.

10. State-of-the-art post production options available locally.
Production in Cape Town
11.  Multitude of location possibilities: cityscape, beaches, rugged mountains, lush forests, waterfalls, farms, equestrian ranches, dunes and deserts, wine-lands & vineyards, colorful harbors, yacht clubs, wetlands, nature reserves, golf courses, safaris and historic buildings.

12.  Some of the most exquisite homes on the planet available for film & stills shoots.

13.  Strong government production support.

14.  Co-production treaties with several countries.

15.  Cost saving options for smaller productions.

16.  Ease of getting goods in and out of the city and country.

17.  Delectable local and international cuisine.

18.  Easy access to all areas of South Africa through local airline carriers.

19.  Highly trained and experienced local stunt teams.

20. Some of the most breath-taking sunsets on the planet.

Bonus:  Table Mountain, Safaris and some of the best locally produced wines in the world