Thank you for making the last 10 years possible, and if we haven’t had the pleasure of working with you, we are going to do everything we can to make that happen. Please enjoy our 30 second trip down memory lane; it went by in a blink.

Credits: “Silver and Cold” music video by AFI, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” film starring Sir Sean Connery, General Motors Opel commercial, “Solomon Kane” film starring James Purefoy, “Pink Panther” film starring Steve Martin, Jason Statham and Beyonce, “Hostel 1 and 2” films by Eli Roth, “Breathe Easy,” music video by Blue, “Look of Love” and “Silky Kiss” Oriflame commercials, “The Rainbow Tribe” film starring David James Elliott, “Jumper” film starring Samuel Jackson, “Psych 9” film starring Cary Elwes, “Bangkok Dangerous” film starring Nicholas Cage, “Running Scared,” film starring Paul Walker and Vera Farmiga, “Grindhouse” filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, “Nescafe Express” commercial starring Kimi Raikkonen, “Travel Counselors” corporate video, “Skindividual” commercial by Oriflame, “Interbrew” commercial by Phillips, “Gems” commercial by Oriflame,“Monopoly Express,” commercial by Hasbro, Scottish Leader commercial, “Bombs Below” music video by Living Things, “This Is Who I Am” music video by Vanessa Amorosi, “Have a Little Faith in Me” music video by Mandy Moore, “Cutthroat” an MTV reality TV series, “Shannen Says” a reality TV series starring Shannen Doherty, “International Foods” a reality TV series by Travel Channel, “Bachelorette” an ABC reality TV series, “Amazing Race” a CBS reality TV series… and many more!